organizer comment

Dear participants of the Extreme Enduro Race "FENIX" - Kresevo 2017

Behind us is the first "FENIX". As organizers, we are delighted that the race has been at least in line with our wishes and goals that we conceived and set a year ago. For 15 years we have organized the Classic Enduro race, which we still think is the best that Enduro discipline can offer, but beacuse of less interest of riders and all other groups, the time goes by and we have to look into the future and respect the masses and interests of the majority. That is why we have retained a small part of the Classic Enduro, which we used as a qualifying race on Saturday.

The track is prioritized for the Expert classes, with bypasses for other classes. A few days before the race we took out 3 difficult parts to make the race easier for the first season. Important: Riders of other classes who want a tough and demanding track in the coming season can always report to the class - Expert. You're always welcome there.

While marking the track, we can still work to mark the directions at intersections that come after fast shares, because if riders do not see the mark while being at the crucial moment with high speed, often miss the intersection and have to come back. Basically - there were no lost riders on the trail except for a few riders who were looking for a route near Tank Point. However, there were 75 km of marked trails for 2 days of racing.

Race results were very efficient (thank you Timing solution and Stotinka). Remember, you had the price giving ceremony already at 2:30pm.

After the official protests of 3 riders (Sunday), the jury resolved the only controversial situation in the end in accordance with the applicable rules. All riders who did not have a certified CP 7, as their last CP was put CP 5A. There were four such riders at the end. Since we had a triple control of CP passes (mobile records, signatures on start numbers, and records), we needed time for complete analysis and data alignment, and the results were:
Data at: are not official results, but only one of the CP pass controls, which is supplemented by the results from other records.

Riders should decide the quality of the organization by themselves, but we tried to offer You a long Enduro weekend filled with quality racing and accompanying content.
If this race was a sort of surprise for you, imagine what surprises are waiting for You next season.

Thank you:
- to all sponsors and partners (,
- promoters (Marko, Jaka, Miha, Mario...)
- Companies '' Metalos '' d.o.o., "Miličević" d.o.o. and the other contractors,
- members of all working groups in Fenix race organization,
- riders and their teams,
- media that followed the race,
- numerous audience,
- to all the people from Kresevo...


In Kresevo, 30th August 2017.                                                                   

The organizer