Uspješna promocija Extreme Enduro race "Fenix" proteklog vikenda u Tar-u (Poreč)

This past Saturday, 04.03.2017. in the city of Poreč, an Enduro-Motocross weekend was organized by MZS (Moto Federation of Slovenia). More than 200 drivers from several countries in the region participated in this event.

At the outstandingly organised weekend-event there was no lack of rides, adrenaline, gatherings, parties…

During one of the dinner gatherings under the improvised tent, on the "Palpam"cross in Tar/Poreč, AMK "Kreševo" showed 2 Trailers, a Slideshow and gave out flyers presenting the upcoming Extreme Enduro race "Fenix" Kreševo 2017. We would like to take this opportunity to offer sincere thanks to the organiser of the event Jaka Seleš and MZS, our partners in the "Fenix" 2017. project, for inviting us and offering high quality promotion and advertising space in front of renowned Enduro audience.

AMK "Kreševo"

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