Extreme Enduro FENIX | Vijest

Constructions regarding the building of infrastructure related to the Autodrome "Gajice" have been intensified. After successful completion of the multi-year project of asphalting of local road Kreševo-Gajice, which was built by the municipality Kreševo, company "Stanić", residents of local villages, AMK "Kreševo" and Association "Gajice", the time has come to complete electrification of the Autodrome "Gajice". Constructions on the implementation of electrical network and the transformer will be performed through the coordination between the company ''Milicevic'' Ltd. Kreševo and employees of Elektroprivreda HZ HB – Kreševo branch.

Parallel to this, during next month, in cooperation with the Municipality of Kreševo and Kreševo Tourist Office, at several locations in the municipality of Kreševo, there will be set up tourist and sports signs, which will mean a great deal for the complete visual impression and ease traffic communication which is related to the "Fenix" race.